Original Stained Glass Work of Art 
An art collector asked me where the inspiration for the stained glass "GHOST WOLF" came from., here's my answer:   In a time long ago, in the land of the Lenape Delaware, an Eagle Scout was with one hundred or so other scouts creating a circle around a huge bonfire. We were watching the Lenape Indian's doing their traditional dance, when several flaming arrows arced the night sky high above our heads. At that moment a large hand clasped my shoulder as I was "tapped out" for the Order of the Arrow. I was taken away, blindfolded along with five other scouts and told not to speak until the sun came up. We were taken, still blindfolded, up the side of a mountain where we were placed in a spot totally alone and told to wait until someone would retrieve us in the morning. The Lenape Delaware gave me the name GHOST WOLF.  
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